Let your light shine before men

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I met a bright light in the airport today, as I got stranded for the day waiting for my evening flight. He’d been waiting since Friday. Chose not to cut his Disney vacation with his small son short by catching an earlier Thursday flight, as the airline recommended.

He was on a standby list and had been at the airport since 6 am today. And rather than being rolled over as promised from the last standby list, his name got lost and he and his son were now numbers 15 and 16.

And he still had a smile on his face.

I remarked at that and he said he and his son still had their health. The important stuff was covered. He also told me it was his first time flying. To anyone else it may have been a rude awakening. Hey, I wasn’t so thrilled spending a long afternoon / evening here.

I had an enjoyable conversation with his son about Disney World. At one point when his son was talking this man leaned over and kissed his forehead. Pure love radiated from that gentle man.

I was able to lend him my ipad charger for a bit, wish I could have gotten him fully charged up but I had to move on to the next standby flight. Turned out to be wasted energy on my part – I’m still here. He was excited to see I had the newer charger and told me he was beginning to wonder if he was the only one who had the newer ipad.

He called me ma’am. I generally don’t like being called ma’am but it just reaffirmed how polite and kind he was.

I hope he got home and that everybody else he came across felt as blessed as I did to have met him.

We should all shine that brightly.

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