I’m Sorry

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A letter to all children, everywhere.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for every harsh word I spoke.

For every time I brushed you off because I thought what I was doing was more important.

For all the times I hurt you.

I’m sorry for wishing parts of our lives together away because they were hard.

For every day I didn’t appreciate you as the precious gift you are.

Please learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat them.

But most of all, find it in your heart to forgive me.

For if you carry these memories of wrongs into the rest of your life they become a part of you.

And then the hurt gets passed on to your own children.

Someday you may see how completely I tried to love you through the brokenness I carried with me because I couldn’t let it go.


All parents, everywhere.


PS I know there are good parents out there. This post is just a poem and even the best parents mess up. So if you are one of the good ones, please, please, please mentor those who didn’t learn good parenting skills. And love on children, everywhere.

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