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It’s what drives me. Nothing else is as deep a part of who I am. It’s why the business machine drags me down. Achieve these goals! Use this piece of software! Attend these meetings! Work within these limitations!

It’s all so unbelievably stifling.

Just leave me alone and let me create.

Go away you demands of this world!

Get out of here, expectations!

I know you are there. I know you are part of being a grownup. But I don’t want to be a grownup anymore. I want to be a free-spirited child. I want to draw like I did as a child. I want to free all the words inside me. I want to tap in to the beauty of this world. All that is good. Add to the love. Create the world that should be, if we weren’t all so caught up in the drama, buying into the hype.

May 2013 be the year I connect back to my creative soul and honor the person God made me to be. I want to live to please Him and not try and fit other’s expectations of what I should do and who I should be.

I have just created a rebel.

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