Joyeux Noel

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I’ve been trying to get to writing a Christmas newsletter this year, but my heart is really not into lighthearted thoughts this Christmas. God has brought my mind to deeper places this year. Tonight, on Christmas night, I watched a movie called Joyeux Noel. It was a movie about World War I, based on a true story that happened on the front lines, Christmas, 1914. The movie portrayed three armies – French, Scottish, and German. It began violently, so that I had to hide my eyes and ask Andy to tell me when it was over. I can’t stomach war and I will never be hardened to watching violence.

Death. Senseless death.

But then, the movie evolved into a story of soldiers coming together in the spirit of Christ, putting down their guns, and getting to know each other. There was even a Christmas service right out on the battlefield. It was a beautiful glimpse into men learning of each other and losing the heart to fight each other.

Peace on earth. Goodwill to men. It happened in real life. May it happen again.

And last forever.

As we begin the new year, let us make it a point of getting to know our “enemies.” And when we understand them, they will no longer be our enemies. They will be our friends.

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