It’s never too late

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The Lord said: It isn’t too late. You can still return to me with all your heart. – Joel 2:12

I am trying to follow an advent reading calendar – what I found was an official one by the church. But I’ve also added in some devotional readings. And this verse was in my devotional tonight. Out of all the reading, this verse from Joel is the scripture that spoke to me.

You know why? Because we’re all messy. We all make mistakes. We all need forgiveness. I look at so much pain swirling around me in the lives of those I love. I look at the mistakes I make. I look at me getting so busy I forget to spend time in God’s word, which is the best place to be because it teaches me how to live life right.

But like a parent – who will always be there for a child – God will be there for us, whenever we turn to him. He is the ultimate parent. Patient, loving, wanting us to love him back.

Well, will you? Will you return to him with all your heart?

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