Reflections on my first Black Friday

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I was one of those people who said I would NEVER get up at 4:30/5:00 in the morning to go shopping, no matter how good the deals.

You know, definitive declarations usually come back to bite me. Like, I’m pretty sure I said, after Koda, that I’m never getting a puppy again. For instance.

So, being as every year Kelly tells me she gets all her shopping done on Black Friday, and being that Tracey and Kelly were both going and I don’t really get to see them that much anymore, I changed my mind.

It’s a woman’s prerogative, ya know. I change mine a lot.

So, really, it wasn’t that bad. Once you drag yourself out of bed – and actually, I thought that part was going to be worse than it was (was I actually looking forward to this?) – it’s kind of neat being up that early in the morning. I walked outside to let the dogs out and drew in my breath as I was greeted with a sky full of stars, one of the dipper constellations straight overhead. And as I was studying it trying to figure out which dipper it was, I caught sight of a shooting star. Blessed my socks off, I’ll tell ya.

We went off to Blackstone Valley, which I’d never been to before. Lots of good stores there. We hit Kohl’s, where I was able to complete one of my goal purchases. Then Dick’s, where I was able to pick up another couple, then I realized I hadn’t gotten the discount I thought I was getting, so that purchase just may go back. Thinking on it. It’s really a perfect gift, so I may keep it, or let the recipient decide if they want to return it.

And onward from there. The best deals were at The Gap (where their sign called it “Bright Friday”). I also picked up some boots, which I’d been wanting. The choices were narrow, there is a lot of cheap stuff out in the wild. Does anybody know a good show store, for the future? But I did manage to find a couple of leather ones, on the upper, at least. Someday I’ll get me some real swell, made in the USA, doggone boots.

The girls and I had a nice lunch at Panera, where Tracey also officially decided on and confirmed her photographer, the talented Mike Nyman. Psyched.

The girls both upgraded their phones and switched from their Blackberries to the iPhone 5. I don’t even want to spend the money on the iPhone 5! I spent that time in the book store picking out a book for each of my family members for Christmas (a traditional present from me because I love books). I also found one for myself.

We wound up at Michael’s at the end. Tracey wanted to look at wedding supplies. I wanted to grab some stocking stuffers (my girls love crafts). That was the only place that got really zany while we were there. The checkout line was long enough that I was tempted to forget about the stocking stuffers, drop my basket, and just go home. But I rode it out and have a head start on stocking filling. We had intended to head next door to Pet Smart to get a couple of things for the pet stocking, but as we burst out of the door of Michael’s into the fresh air, we all decided we’d had enough and we skedaddled on home.

So, what do I think of Black Friday, now that I’ve crossed over to the other side?

  1. I think the best part was spending time with the girls. Breakfast at Panera’s. And saying hi to our friends, who also went in a separate car.
  2. There were some great deals, some not-so-great deals, and some non-existent deals (can you say full price?).  But the great deals make it worth it. If I ever go again and run into crazy lines like I did in Michael’s, I’ll get back in my car and go home. Maybe it’s being in central Massachusetts, but it really isn’t as crazy as they make it out to be.
  3. Am I a shopping lemming now?

Merry Christmas! I’m hoping this great head start to my Christmas shopping will free up time for the more meaningful (to me) activities.

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