My walking buddy

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Everyone should have a walking buddy.

I do.

And it’s not either of my dogs, although they walk with us, too.

It’s my friend Dot.

We’ve walked together for a long time. At least ever since Koda was a puppy, and Koda is 6 now. But earlier than that we used to exercise together, either riding our bikes or hiking up the outdoor stair master trail on the mountain. We’ve been doing this for a long time.

The great thing about a walking buddy is it really gets you out of bed. Dot and I walk most weekday mornings. We’ve both said numerous mornings that we would have stayed in bed if it hadn’t been for letting the other person down. And there are mornings when either she or I have had a bad night’s sleep where we get on the phone and apologetically beg off. But that happens only sporadically.

These days we mostly stick to the road on the back side of the mountain. It’s a little less of a workout than hitting the trails, plus we can walk beside each other rather than single file which leads to the other good thing about having a walking buddy.

You don’t just walk, you talk. It makes the time fly by.

The mountain is a great place to walk. The fresh air invigorates you and clears your mind. And so does the talking. Dot and I have spoken our lives on that mountain. We’ve laughed and cried, shared our hopes, dreams, fears, and worries, and worked through life’s challenges on that mountain. Listening. Encouraging. Sharing. Loving.

In a world awash with bad news and men at war, in lives full of challenges and pain, Dot and I have found peace together on that mountain.

Everyone should have a walking buddy.

I do.

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