It’s not nice to fool mother nature

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Those of you who grew up in my generation will remember this ad. For margarine. Mother Nature was mad because it tasted too much like butter.

Hmmmmm. I grew up eating the stuff because my parents think it’s healthier than butter. It tastes awful to me. As soon as I moved out on my own, I switched to the real thing.

Why does man mess with things that are so perfect in their natural state? Nature is a pretty neat and complicated system that functions in perfect harmony. Organisms interact with other organisms in this beautiful dance of life.

And we are messing with it. Injecting stuff into food that wasn’t meant to be there. Spraying stuff on food and into the environment that wasn’t meant to be there. Creating stuff from chemicals, adding man-made flavor and calling it food. Tromping through this world with the idea that we are making it better, all the while upsetting its perfect balance.

As I’ve done research on food, food as medicine, real food, I’ve learned that non-industrialized societies have the best health. People who live off the land. Introduce the kind of food Americans eat into those societies and all the western diseases come with it.

We are destroying the land we took over from a people who lived in harmony with it. I find that incredibly ironic. Karma, maybe?

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