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In case you aren’t aware of it, proposition 37 in California – which supported the labeling of genetically modified foods to help the consumer make educated choices (because lots of us think that GMO food is scary bad for your health) – got defeated.

However, there are lots of non-GMO advocates out there, and the battle will continue to keep food sources the way God made them and to make people aware of what is in the food they are eating.

Here is a list of companies and which side they stood on in the proposition 37 initiative…

This shows where they put their money. It’s time for us consumers to do the same with our money. Because, in this world, money speaks volumes. (You can download this list to take with you shopping.)

There are some organic companies on this list that fought against the labeling. It makes me wonder why. Was there something in the bill that was going to make it a hardship for these companies? I have heard that GMO crops are invading organic crops so it’s very hard to ensure that things are 100% organic, even if you have that intention. This alone is another reason to push for GMO labeling. You would think these organic companies who may be concerned that it’s hard to keep things organic would want to make moves towards getting more people aware of GMOs. I think once consumers are alerted, money will talk and get GMO out of our food supply. So, jump on board, would ya? Here are some links to encourage you….


Living Maxwell blog – Max Goldberg is a key player in organic everything (and he has more links to good sites than I’ve listed here)

Non-GMO Project – where you can get an app for your phone to help you while you are shopping

The Center for Food Safety – the true food network

The Cornucopia Institute – promoting economic justice for family-scale farming


San Juan County bans the growing of GMOs – progress!

Now, let’s go all eat healthy!!!

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