What is family, really?

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There is mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandparents, grandchildren.

There is the human family, the family of God, Modern Family (sorry, about that last one, I couldn’t help myself.)

This topic of family seems to be hitting me from all sides lately. First off, my dad fell and needed surgery to repair a torn tendon and it’s a long recovery and my parents are living with us. Right after our own children all moved out four days prior.

Really. Talk about a short empty nest.

And then Andy’s 4th cousin Tricia came this weekend to visit from Scotland, along with her sister-in-law Gina from Canada. And really, I’m not related by blood, but Tricia and I have become friends through Facebook and I feel like she is family. And after this visit, I now feel like Gina is, too.

And tonight, while praying at Bible study, one of my friends mentioned her “sisters” and at first I thought she was praying for her blood relatives, and then I realized she was praying for all of us, her Christian sisters.

So what is family?

I believe family is created by bonds of love. Being born into a family creates an automatic setting for that, but family is also created through common experience, common beliefs, spending time together.

I feel like my family on this earth is way larger than my biological family. I feel like there are members of my family I’ve never even met yet. I look forward to meeting them and loving them. And I’m blessed to have traditional family as well.

Members of my family were added when a group of us walked my friend Deb through her last year of life.

Members of my family have been added through Facebook, of all places, where I’ve made connections to people I barely knew who entered my life, I am sure, because they were family members I hadn’t met yet, but it was time.

I have family at work.

And church.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make this world one big happy family?

Let’s all keep on loving each other and maybe, just maybe, we can change the world.



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