Thou shalt not steal

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See this big mug sitting on top of all these little ones?

That is one of 4 dozen mugs we got for the cabins so our guests could have a nice big mug of coffee (or tea). Vivian, who runs the place, thinks of these kinds of niceties.

That cup is also one of 5 that are left. Yup, 5. I guess people think they are nice souvenirs.

Finding this out this weekend really riled me up. We have made decisions all along the way with running The Cabins to make things as nice as we can for the guests, despite the fact that it impacts profit. Really, we don’t run this place at a profit. But this weekend I realized that’s okay because we’ve been able to use these cabins as a ministry, letting people have vacations that can’t really afford it, helping people who are temporarily homeless, hosting church retreats, just loving on people.

Why, oh why, are people stealing our mugs? Do they think that’s okay? One little mug won’t hurt? Well, magnify that by a bunch of people with that mentality and you’ve got 5 cups left for serving generous cups of coffee to your guests. Luckily, Vivian found where we had stored the smaller cups and we will have to use those this next season, instead.

One of God’s ten commandments – that’s His top ten list – is “thou shalt not steal.” So, anybody reading this who thinks it’s okay to swipe something from a restaurant or vacation place, I just want to remind you that you are stealing. And thus, you are breaking one of God’s most important commandments.

And to anybody reading this who thought it was okay to swipe one of our mugs, on top of this you have seriously bummed me out.

It’s a day later, and I have a brand new perspective. Well, I still don’t think it’s okay to steal mugs – or anything else, and I’m still amazed that people think that’s okay, but it’s only coffee mugs. I mean, it only ever really is small stuff that most of us get upset about. Reading this post today made me realize that.

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