The true cost of pet ownership

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I’m not going to get into math in this post.  But it’s occurred to me lately that owning my pets is an expensive proposition. The “cost” of the dogs and the cats started rattling through my head the other day. What prompted it was this sore hip I now have as a byproduct of constantly correcting Columbus from pulling on his lead, which got me in the chiropractor’s office (money) and off to a massage (more money). So, here are all the things that popped into my mind:

  • initial purchase price
  • spay/neuter costs
  • paraphernalia (you know, bowls, leashes, crates, etc.)
  • unexpected trips to emergency hospitals (think porcupine de-quilling, but there have been others)
  • multiple training classes for the dogs
  • special dog food because Tracey and every other dog trainer talked me into it
  • prescription food for Max
  • cookies and training treats
  • medicines for various issues
  • vaccinations
  • yearly checkups
  • toys
  • chewed up stuff in the house, like rugs, woodwork, blankets, expensive dog beds, etc.
  • electronic fence, collars, batteries
  • fence around the garden and other protective barriers
  • scratched up – okay, let’s just say destroyed – rugs and furniture by the cats, despite numerous scratching posts and climbing structures specifically for that purpose
  • unexpected events that subtract hours from your day (like retrieving a retriever that has run off)
  • worry that subtracts years from your life (specifically around lost or injured or sick animals)
  • time spent every day to exercise the dogs
  • personal injury because of too strong of a dog

Okay, that’s enough. Because sharing your life with animals is not about any of this stuff, although this stuff is reality. It’s about unconditional love. And we all know the value of that.

It’s priceless.

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