Friends. Heartwarming.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, or if you go back to the beginning of The Puppy Diaries, you will realize why I gave this post the title I did.

Today, I let Columbus be outside, loose, until I looked out the window and saw one of my garden tools in his mouth, being slowly chewed to death. I wound up chucking it. You’d think there weren’t two very nice bones sitting outside on the grass that he could gnaw on.

So I tied him up.

And then I looked outside a bit later and saw this picture. Columbus tied up and Koda keeping him company. I’ve seen this before but never caught it on camera because once they see me see them, they move. This photo was actually taken through a window.

And so, these two dogs with the rough beginning have become friends over time. And that’s heartwarming.


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