What makes a good story?

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People like to tell their stories. I do. You do. And the truth is, our stories are way more interesting than the ones that Hollywood makes up.

If we tell them well.

Storytelling is a gift. It makes all the difference between your story being engaging (and all our stories are interesting) or not. So, if we can tell our story well, people will want to listen.

But what makes a good story?

I think a good story contains both good and bad and doesn’t get sucked into being told solely from either of those perspectives. We need to stand outside of our stories, in a way, to tell them well.

A good story isn’t too long or too short. In the words of Goldylocks, it’s “just right.”

In my opinion, humor is a key element to a good story. People like to laugh. People NEED to laugh. The world needs a dose of laughter as often as it can get one.

A good story is one that people can relate to.

A good story evokes emotion.

A good story leaves the listener wanting more.

I was actually going to write a story tonight, but this came out instead. So I’ll save my story for another time. And hopefully I’ll tell it well.

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