Life with My Dogs, a Dogumentary

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Most days I try and take my dogs for a walk/hike. Usually it’s with my friend Dot and we take them on leash on a road on the back side of the mountain.  Uphill for a ways, then back down. I wish I could let them loose all the time, but they don’t always come when called, and Koda can be iffy around other dogs and Columbus is too energetic around both people and dogs. Yesterday I decided I really need to work on this. Well, I am working on it for Columbus, but I need to get back to “fixing” Koda.

Because yesterday I found a deserted trail and hiked it while the dogs ran free. We have our little spot with a pond where I do this, too, but it’s not a hike, really, it’s romp time for the dogs. This was a hike and it not only made them happy, it made me happy.

I knew I was headed to a deserted part of the mountain, so I took my iPhone (to all of my friends who keep telling me to do this, I listened). Part way into the hike, I decided to document what my life is like with my dogs. I had already taken a video of Columbus in the morning – he waits and whines for his walk. I’d add to it.

The movie is a tad shaky and there are a couple of points where I call for Columbus loudly that made me jump when I listened back to it, so viewer beware, and I really don’t care for hearing my voice, but I’m sharing it anyway. Because this is my life, and it’s a good one.

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