Baking bread, round 1

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I attended a bread-baking talk/demo at the NOFA conference this year.  It was my favorite talk and I was psyched to bake my first bread.

This is it, ground from my own flour.  Isn’t it beautiful?

It was dense as dense could be.  Kelly graciously commented, “it tastes healthy.”  I only ate one piece.

I even made pita bread out of some of the flour.

They were pretty little things, too.  A recipe I saw said to wrap them in a towel and let them cool.  It would keep them soft.  I think it’s a good theory unless you forget about them and leave them overnight.  The next day they were hard as a rock.  I couldn’t even grind them into breadcrumbs.  My food processor balked.

So…what I’ve learned is that whole wheat bread is really kind-of yucky.  Although we used the rest of the dough for pizza and this spicy – and I mean SPICY – Armenian bread (that only I will eat) and it was decent for both of those.

Before I get into this grinding-my-own-flour thing, I need to figure out the right blend of whole wheat and other flours to make a yummy bread.  One that matches how beautiful it looks.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for round 2.

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