Love me

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Yesterday Columbus ran over to the neighbors’ yard through the electric fence. On the way back he got stuck in the zapping field. I was calling him, Andy was trying to push him out of it (there was a lot of brush) and he was confused. I think this is the way he is going to learn the fence. He doesn’t seem to grasp jumping away from it to escape, but after a bad experience at a spot he seems to avoid the spot. He is really good now at not approaching where the fence crosses the driveway.

I went out for the evening, and when I came back, found out that Andy had given the dogs a bath. They needed it! They were smelly. I went to take Columbus for his last out to go to the bathroom, and he just pasted himself to my leg, leaning into me, doing his little throaty noise that we call his dog purr. (Someone else could mistake it for a low growl.)

Last night it seemed to be that Columbus was saying “love me. I need some extra loving tonight. I had a hard day. Just touch me. Just let me touch you. Let’s just sit here forever.”  I love this dog. And I am committed to sharing all the love he has inside of him with people who need it. As soon as I know he won’t jump on people and hurt them he’s going into therapy dog training. And then we will go find people to love.

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