It worked

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Back in this post I wrote about Columbus not jumping in the back seat and that I was planning on leaving him behind next time, hoping it would penetrate that thick, beautiful skull of his that if you don’t jump in the car, you miss out on the fun.

Well, I got to put this to the test. The first day back from vacation, the dogs badly in need of our morning walk in the woods, Columbus wouldn’t jump in the car. Sheesh. If he doesn’t want to come after such a long time of not having a good walk, he must really be stubborn. Or stupid.

Can’t say that either of those options strike me as preferrable.

So, I put him back in the house and took off with Koda.

When I got to my friend Dot’s house I told her what had just transpired. And asked her if she’d mind if I went back and gave him a second chance, since that would have given him some time to process the consequences of his actions.

We went back. And I won’t draw out the story because I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat wanting to know if he jumped in the car.

He did. Score one for the human.

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