Dreams do come true

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We are starting to be able to let Columbus out in the yard for extended periods of time.  Despite his explorer name, he doesn’t seem to want to wander far.  Most of the times we’ll find him in this spot, above, at the foot of the farmer porch steps or, if we forgot to close off the garage, he prefers that cool floor.  He also prefers chewing up various paraphernalia in there, so we try to remember to close the doors.  If you notice the dirt in this picture, that’s the dogs’ way of adding extra coolness to the bricks. The hole is off camera, stage right.

Baby steps.  I’ll take baby steps.

Minutes after I took this picture I checked on Columbus again.  Koda was laying to the left of him, two doggie friends.  By the time I got my camera, she was gone.  (That’s an Aussie for you.)

If you’ve been reading the puppy diaries regularly, you know that both these things are what I’ve been waiting for.

My puppy is growing up.

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