The PetSmart checkout girl has me pegged

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I went to Pet Smart tonight to pick up some dog food.

And another ball launcher, since Columbus chewed the old one up.  At first I thought a ball launcher was such a gimmick.  And then I realized that with it I could throw the ball further than Koda could run in front of it.  And – this is important – I could pick up the ball with it and not have to touch it in all its slimy glory.

I also bought a new dog food scoop (measures a perfect cup; without it I tend to overfeed) and a couple more for good measure.  If you leave those out, they get chewed up by either Stella or Columbus.  And why not?  They have remnants of dog food on them.

That was all that was on the list.  Then Kelly handed me a soft squishy ball.  (Columbus loves it.) And we walked by a chew toy stuffed with rubber.  Let’s try that one, it’s always good to throw a new toy into the mix, especially one that may just hold up to the dogs’ chewing.

And I needed some more dog treats.  And oh, another big bag of rawhide chews – an occasional treat to keep Columbus busy for awhile.

And there are some nice bright pink balls for Koda.  We get tennis balls all the time from Andy, but the dog trainer told me I should have a special ball I bring out for Koda and take back in when the play time is over so she knows that I am in charge of the play.  Head games, but necessary ones.

So, I get up to the register.  And the checkout girl at the next register stated “somebody’s getting spoiled.”

I opened my mouth to say something else, but then thought twice and said…..”yes.”

Two somebodies, as a matter of fact.


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