The puppy I fell in love with

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Lots of times, when training is discouraging, I ask myself why I kept another dog.  I think I’m more of a one-dog person.  I know a lot of people like the idea of having two dogs to keep each other company, and part of me likes that.  But I also like taking one dog at a time places.  A companion.   Now, whenever I take Columbus for his training, Koda tries to jump in the car.  She either doesn’t understand, or hopes that I’ll let her come along.  Columbus, being the younger, doesn’t seem to really care about the older dogs’ extra privileges.  He’s a very accepting dog.  But he’s also not at the age where I can just relax and let him be around me.  He requires a LOT of watching.  Let your guard down for a split second and there is something in his mouth.  Something that doesn’t belong there.

So, to plug into both Koda and Columbus, and work with them, is double time.  Time I need to make.  Which means something else in my life goes.  Did I really need to fill my life up with an extra dog?

Now, look at the picture above.  Do you see why I kept Columbus?  Look at that scrunched up, quizzical face?  We raised these puppies from 4 weeks on after their mom got sick.  They were beyond cute, and so very lovable.  And Columbus was one of the puppies that would sit by your side.  A companion.  Calm (at the time, even as a puppy).  A real keeper.

And so, I did.

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