Two puppies is one too many

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The dog on the left is Stella, the mom.
The dog on the right is Rosie, the puppy we had intended to keep and breed in the future.
The dog in the middle is Columbus, the puppy I fell in love with and so we decided to keep two.
And then I snapped out of it.

At the time I snapped out of it we still had four puppies at home and I was taking each one of them out for individual leash training.  I didn’t think it was fair to just train the two I intended to keep. This was a LOT of work.  I kept asking my daughter what she was doing to find the other two puppies a home.  Like every time I saw her.  I think she was getting sick of me.

I also think because of this extra work, I started to picture life after they left, and still having to train two puppies.  That would still be a LOT of work.  And how would I ever walk three dogs?  I didn’t think I would be able to.  I figured I’d always have to choose a dog to leave behind.  And it was like I could feel how that would feel, even though we weren’t even at that stage yet.

And so we found another home for Rosie. A good home.
I don’t miss her.
I hope that doesn’t make me sound awful.
But Columbus has filled my life up very full.  There is no time to miss another dog.  There is only time to thank my lucky stars I am not dealing with raising two puppies right now.

They are a great-looking family though, aren’t they?

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