The Community Bone

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The Community Bone

I suspect this bone started it’s life with Koda, who ate of it and then buried it.  Not sure how or when it resurfaced….

The other day, Columbus found it and was eating it and Koda tried to take it away from him, at which point he told her in no uncertain terms (there was a ruckus involved) that she wasn’t welcome to it. This is such a beautiful thing, you don’t even know.  Koda is such a bully and it’s great that I have a dog that will finally stand up to her. My hopes for Columbus usurping her hyper alpha status with his calm alpha ways just may be coming true.

This morning, Columbus found the bone again and wound up playing avoid Chris with me because he wasn’t up to coming while he had it.  I finally won and he lost the bone and his outside privileges for a bit.

Earlier this evening, as Tracey was leaving to head in for an emergency surgery (with Koda in tow, in case they need a blood donor), the quick plan was for Stella to go with them and keep Koda company.  But Stella held possession of the community bone and didn’t want to go.  So Koda went off on a solo adventure.

After a the dogs’ supper, which lasts approximately 10 seconds, Columbus ran out and grabbed possession of the community bone.  Sorry Stella, tough luck.

And tonight, I just looked out the window and saw Stella with the bone again.  So I grabbed my camera, took a shot, and realized I had the beginnings of a blog post.

Whoever thought that something this grungy would be so popular?

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