I Don’t Do Needy Well

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needy dog

Through this experience of getting a completely different breed of dog after having two herding dogs, I’ve learned something about myself.  Me, who actually considers herself more of a cat person.  And why do I consider myself more of a cat person?  Because they are independent, that’s why.  They come and love on you for a bit, but then they go off and do their own thing.  So do herding dogs.

Golden Retrievers are a completely different beast.  They need to be near you.  They need to have their head in your lap or you touching/patting them in some way.  Contact.  Constant contact.  And this puppy?  He cries or acts out if he doesn’t feel like he’s getting enough attention.  Bottom line, he’s very needy.  And it’s beginning to grate on me just a little bit.  There, I said it.  Only then I look at Columbus and this overwhelming feeling of affection towards him washes over me.  So, needy or not, he’s my dog and I love him.

See the picture above?  That’s the edge of my computer keyboard.  That’s the arm of my chair.  That’s my leg.  That’s Columbus’ head on my leg.  Needy dog.

One Response to “I Don’t Do Needy Well”

  1. Tricia

    Oh yay – my ancient spaniel does that while I am practising the piano and would while at the computer if it were not for the configuration of desk and door