I Mostly Live an Unplanned Life

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Last night Andy asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride in the morning.  Sure, I said.  This was our ride:

bike ride

At the end of the ride I told Andy that I wanted to have a quiet weekend.  We had worked so hard the past few of them.  Long hours of physical labor.  When’s the last time I lounged around and read a book? The screen porch is all put back together again, I had a plan!

But, as I headed in the house to bathe and prepare for my restful day I decided I should walk Columbus.  Work on the no pulling.  (See previous post.)  This was our walk:

walking Columbus

All those twists and turns were to keep him off guard when he started to pull.  You can see he started to pull a lot.  I am not exaggerating our walk.

Maybe I’ll finish sanding up the screen porch bench and even paint it, I thought, as I re-entered the house.  Best to do that before I cleaned myself up.  Got all the tools, then decided I’d finish up the porch floor, first.

2? 3? hours later my back said enough!  You were going to rest today, it reminded me.  Instead, you’ve tortured me again.  When I eventually straightened up, I put away the tools and headed to a bath filled with Epsom salts.  Grabbed a book I’m doing for Bible study and soaked my aching muscles in that bath for at least 45 minutes.  Andy had wanted to go to the store together around 3pm, which is the only thing that got me out of the tub.

Off to the store, back to link some sermons into a podcast, headed out with Columbus to sit on the side of the tennis court for a few minutes while Andy played, per his suggestion as he walked out the door.  Showed up and his game went in the toilet so he asked us to leave.  Hmmm.  Better run Columbus around the yard for a bit.  Oh, but look at my herbs.  They need watering!  And so does the flower garden.  Let Columbus on the porch while I watered the herbs (gave him a little spray while I was at it) and set up the sprinkler for the flowers.  Then I put on his long lead and he ran around the yard.  Koda was playing viciously which made Columbus run off into the woods and I scolded her and put her inside, gathered him up and decided not to press my luck with any more running around (those woods are pretty overgrown this time of year, luckily he came when I called using my excited voice).

So, here I am writing this blog post, then Andy and I will cook a late dinner and perhaps watch a movie.  If the rest of the day goes as planned….


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