I still love him…

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the culprit

This is Columbus.

That’s also my screen porch.  Minus some screens and plus some barriers.

The screens used to be there.  The ugly barriers didn’t.  Until Columbus came into our lives.

I had just mentioned to Andy that I thought it was about time to get the new screens.  The weather has been gloriously warm. Columbus didn’t seem to be trying to get into the screen porch anymore. But then, yesterday, I heard a loud noise from the porch area.  And I came out to find that Columbus had yanked that door barrier off its frame and was inside on the screen porch.  (If you look closely at the picture you can see the frame pulled away from the door right under the handle, and the heavy duty mesh floating free from its constraints.)

I guess Columbus doesn’t like to be shut out.  Or in, for that matter, because he’s starting to really protest the crate at night.  And the electronic fence training doesn’t really seem to be clicking with him, either.

I think he’s a free spirit.  Don’t box him in. Or out.

I wonder if we’ll get to use our screen porch this year….

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