A new way to do breakfast

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So, usually I have cereal with fruit for breakfast.  These days it’s either Shredded Wheat or Muesli.  But some days I do fruit only.  I usually wind up having a health shake mid-morning if I do the all fruit because I get hungry again.

One thing I like to do is cut up an apple and add raisins, chopped walnuts and cinnamon.  This morning I made a fruit concoction (see picture, above) from an orange, a kiwi, a date, some pecans, some unsweetened dried coconut and some ground flax seeds.  I’m having a lot of fun thinking these things up and they taste delicious.  It almost feels like I am cheating and having dessert for breakfast.  Which reminds me.  These are also great options for desserts – although you would definitely want a smaller portion.  That apple concoction, especially, really fills me up.

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