Church on Sunday

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After reading Common Sense and feeling like this world is headed towards a train wreck, I flew home on Sunday with a window seat and no one beside me.  The clouds were absolutely incredible.  There were wispy clouds that looked like layers of cotton candy.  There were cumulus clouds that looked like bunches of cotton balls.  There were even three clouds that that looked like icebergs, with part of them above the water, and part of them below the water.  It really is amazing that there are so many layers of clouds in our atmosphere.  From below we see a ceiling of clouds.  From above we see so much more.

I sat there amazed, and this incredible peace came over me.  Suddenly the crazy world below was out of sight and now it was out of mind.  Instead, I enjoyed a visual feast for the eyes.  I felt so close to God and was reminded that this is the world He created and He is in control.  And His work (this world) is beautiful, no matter how much and how often man messes it up.

I didn’t miss church on Sunday, after all.

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