It’s Usually Delicious….

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I love having creamed asparagus on toast for lunch. Must be my English heritage, I’m thinking. However, today was a creamed asparagus on toast disaster. Here’s how it happened:

  1. I decided I wanted to make a healthy version
  2. which means I substituted walnut oil for butter
  3. then I made my roux with flour – white flour. (That probably should have been wheat, for the healthy makeover.)
  4. and added almond milk instead of regular milk
  5. gave a sniff as it was cooking and something didn’t smell right
  6. I mean, I expected almond milk to smell different than milk, but there was another smell in there that wasn’t right
  7. looked at the almond milk container. It was vanilla-flavored almond milk. Yup, that explained the smell

Have you ever had creamed asparagus on toast using vanilla-flavored almond milk? Somehow, I’m guessing not. I don’t advise it. The only reason I was able to eat it is because I don’t like to waste food (Scottish heritage this time?) and it looked good, even if it didn’t smell so great.

I’ll be more careful next time.

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