My rolling gate

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We fenced in our garden this year.  I’m loving it!  The dogs can no longer run through, and there’s something about a white picket fence that just screams quaint.

We had one problem though.  My husband couldn’t figure out how to get the gate to work the traditional way.  The support just wasn’t strong enough.  So he came up with the solution of hooking the gate in place.  It works, you just have to lift off the gate and set it on the side.   Here’s the setup:


And here it is, up close:


Enter my son, who said “we can make this work!”  So he put on the hinge:


and then he ran into the problem my husband anticipated.  The gate was too heavy and the support post was wobbling a bit.  So he got inventive.  I didn’t see it until after it was all done.  I knew I heard a chain saw!  I thought, “is that the chain saw?”  Then I figured it must be the neighbor.


Voila!  A rolling gate!  It works like a charm.  Thanks, Alex!

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