A Ferrari Weekend

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I really never realized JUST how big a deal cars are to guys until this weekend, when my husband got to drive a Ferrari. It’s just for the weekend. But man, what attention that car gets. I never even knew what a Ferrari looked like. It just looks like a nice red sports car. But this thing cost as much as a house!

I must admit it is a sleek-looking car, and it’s nice that you can ride in it with the top down and your hair doesn’t blow front and back and to the sides. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t blow around at all. Now, that was some great research they did right there, figuring out the aerodynamics to make that happen.

Fun is fun, and this was fun. But practical? No. My husband pointed out that you can’t even fit a golf bag in the trunk. His friend pointed out that it could ride in the passenger seat. So, guy, golf clubs, car. I guess that would work.

Here are pictures of Andy, Alex and Kelly with the car. So we can remember the weekend of the Ferrari.

andyinferrari_web alexandferrari_web kellyinferrari_web

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